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Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
is something we have not dealt with. i held a meeting yesterday between the port of jacksonville and -- to try to find a way to seek navigation at the port. because this committee failed to work on developing this bill those shifts would continue to be endangered and economic development of the porche will continue to suffer. i am pleased the current leadership of this house wasn't in charge when the northeast corridor was forward jenna lee developed because it would not exist today. just like high-speed rail in california, the republicans -- going to impact our nation's economic development, in a very negative way for a very long time. let's be clear. the republicans are no friend to rail. they have things to say about what others are doing wrong that they never put their money where their mouth is. they only go to eight years of the george bush administration to so focused on destroying amtrak which is clearly still the focus of this republican house transportation committee. there is no plan to improve our rail system, no investment in the new system or even the current system. the bush adm
Dec 5, 2012 7:30am EST
will support the biggest port development in europe, and i pay tribute to my honorable friend for the campaigning she's undertaken to achieve this. we've already set our plans this autumn for a huge investment in rail, and my right honorable friend the transport secretary will set up plans in the new year plans to take high speed go to yorkshire. i can confirm a billion pound loan and a guarantee to -- [inaudible] and support a new development on a similar scale to to olympic park. we're confirming funding and reforms to assist the construction of up to 120,000 new homes and delivering on flood defend schemes in more cities. on top of broadband expansion for our countryside and larger cities, we're funding broadband in 123 smaller -- 12 smaller cities, cambridge, darby, oxford, portsmouth, york, newport, aberdeen, and derry, londonderry. in addition to a third of a billion pounds announced this autumn for british science, we are today announcing 600 million pounds more for the u.k. scientific research infrastructure, and since improving our education system is the best investm
Dec 19, 2012 7:30am EST
that would have not existed had he not fought so far it for them, the ports and bridges and trains that would have been less safe had he not move legislation that strengthened it and so much more but danny will be remembered far beyond his many tangible achievements. he will live on through the values that he embodied and spread, through the principles he stood up for and shared, through his family who loved him dearly, through the people who will never forget his advocacy. through the country he sacrificed so much for and of course through all of us, who are forever better simply for having served with the greatest senator of all, senator danny inouye. thank you mr. president. i yield the floor. >> mr. president? mr. president before i yield the floor i would ask unanimous consent. i have for unanimous consent request for committee to meet during today's session of the senate to have the approval and i ask unanimous consent these be agreed to and be placed in the record. >> without objection. >> thank you mr. president i yield the floor. >> mr. president on behalf of the over 10 million peop
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
business with key sectors in the iranian economy, with energy and shipbuilding and shipping and ports, this amendment that would shut down businesses that are involved in sectors which fund the proliferation activities of iran, of that regime, is crucial. in addition, the amendment is going to prohibit business with all designated persons connected to the iranian government. it bans trade and commodities used, it is designed to stop iran from busting sanctions by receiving payment in gold or using oil payments in local currency to buy gold. we have got to stop an effort to water down these sanctions. i say that because i remember the votes in the past, i remember our effort on the central bank. it was only because we got unanimous votes because we got so much sport that we were able to deploy those. let me add there's another portion of the amendments here that targets the regime for their human rights abuses and i think one of the areas where we have really been short, for those of you who talked to those who have been in the prisons, who have experienced the torture, seen the murder
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
or airports, our ports, our highways, our rail is functioning. like i said, i come from green bay, wisconsin, it's a large manufacturing state. we've got a big obstacle in the way with lake michigan to get product to the east coast. so i recognize there's need for investment. but i often hear from my constituents the concern of the government, of the federal government picking regions of the country to win and lose in the economic battles that take place between states. in other words, if we invest a lot of money in the northeast quarter's federal taxpayer or a lot of money in california, the fax payer in -- taxpayer in wisconsin is wondering are we just making those states more competitive to compete against wisconsin manufacturing? could you talk a little bit about how the whole thing plays together and what the answer should be? >> first of all, i know you know this, but you all were in the ball game. >> yeah. i'm not making the statement on -- >> i know you're not. i'm saying if you feel your state is disadvantaged, it's not because of us. we wanted to make investments, we were ready to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5